A lil’ sugar can lead to big problems

There’s nothing sweet about consuming too much sugar while trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sugar seems to be everywhere and often with unfamiliar names in the ingredients list. We know that naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables are useful simple carbohydrates our bodies use for energy. What challenges us is understanding when, where and in what quantity Added Sugars are present. Added Sugars are just "empty calories" that lack any nutritional value, and they can be difficult to spot and avoid since they are hidden in a mind-bending range of processed foods.

While Added Sugars may make some foods more appealing, they can wreak havoc on our brain's reward circuits. Food addiction is a real condition, accompanied by craving and physical withdrawal symptoms. Over time, consuming too much Added Sugar can increase the chances of serious health problems, like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Lil Sugar Master of Disguise will help you recognize the many disguises of Added Sugar in common foods we eat.